Not dead yet

It’s been quiet around here, but we ain’t dead yet. People have been travelling and doing other things. Joni doesn’t play with us anymore but you’ll be hearing about his new band when the recordings are done. Distance and the other usual reasons, nothing too interesting.

We decided still to try what kind of music we’d make without Joni so last Saturday we picked up our instruments after four months of silence.

The result was two song sketches which Eetu described as quite manly. Time will tell if there’s going to be a new guitar player in Ills, but don’t hang up if you see us calling.

That’s all for now, stay tuned ok?

Thanks to everyone to showed up at the Töminä/Ilosaari show last Friday despite the early play time. Here’s a few photos by the festival crew.

We will focus on writing new music in the future. Maybe a few shows along the way. Peace.

New very limited quantity, high quality t-shirts available. 12€ post paid in Finland, PayPal available for foreign orders. Email order@illshardcore.com. Design by Eetu Blomqvist.


Upcoming shows

Following shows for the summer have been confirmed:

  • July 1-2: Summer Fun Fest, Helsinki, FI
  • July 15: Töminä, Ilosaarirock, Joensuu, FI

New seven inch “Mark of Man” out in April 2011 on Cobra X records. Listen to a song here or here. Order from CXR here or by emailing us here.

ILLS in studio, part 2.

ILLS in studio, part 1.


New year

Some news worth mentioning:

We are hitting the studio next week to record the new seven inch for Cobra X Records, coming out sometime Spring 2011.

We have a new guitar player Eetu, who among other bands is known from Cold Inside. Expect lots of Dual Guitar Attack up to the point where it’s not really cool anymore.

Our friends from Ritual are touring Finland with us in late April. There’s Facebook event of the tour here if you are into that stuff.

More news later. Peace.


Cobra Records

Since the news is out of the bag I figured to post it here too: our next seven inch will be released by Cobra X Records from Germany.

We met Dan on our last tour, and we are very excited to work with someone who is active on so many fronts and does a lot for the good of our sub culture.

The single will be out sometime spring 2010. Expect more news soon-ish.



Yo. Apologies for the silence from this official voice of ill (mannered) people. We’ve been making new music lately, and have four new songs in the finishing stages to be released on a new seven inch in the future. I won’t say ‘near’, because there’s about hundred things still left to finalize and any of them can go bust. Musically you can expect us to take the “mediocre hardcore band thinks they can play and go metal” route. I guess we are a bit late on that trend, but that’s how Finns are.

We also plan to tour some next year. More on that sometime later.

Peace to you all.

Illustration by Eetu Blomqvist